The Jeff Berberich Memorial Invitational & Mission Statement

Jeff was born on March 11,1965, in Dayton Ohio, raised in several cities, in Kentucky and Ohio with his parents and three brothers. As a child Jeff was somewhat of a loner and would attempt anything. As a youngster, Jeff did not possess many athletic skills, however as a teen he discovered golf and he became very good at it, as a matter of fact he made the high school varsity team as a freshman. Jeff, upon completion of High School started college and founded his own landscaping business while he was going to school. He married in February of 1994 and died as a result of a traffic accident in July of 1994.

While Jeff was in the hospital, after his accident, we as a family along with many relatives and friends prayed for his recovery, however, soon we realized the injuries he sustained and his condition was far to grave to expect a recovery. Sometime during this period of grief, we decided that if Jeff did not make it, we would do something special to memorialize Jeff and thus the idea of the golf tournament came to be. Two of Jeff’s loves were kids and golf, so we decided we would have a golf tournament with the proceeds going to “kids”.


The following is an outline/plan of what we are trying to achieve as a goal through the Jeff Berberich Memorial Invitational Golf Tournament.

From the tournament's inception, it was intended to be a memorial to our son, Jeff, to include family and close friends, with all proceeds allocated to needy children in our community.

Since associating ourselves over the past five years with Advocates for Children, we now recognize a great need to help expand the program and to bring awareness and national exposure to Advocates for Children and Guardian Ad Litem programs throughout the United States. Guardian Ad Litem programs are special appointed volunteers representing the best interest of children any time they are brought before a judicial proceeding, be it abuse, neglect or abandonment, divorce or parental death.

If we are able to obtain a corporate or national sponsor or sponsors, I envision two specific results:

  1. Financial contributions or support which could establish a national Foundation so the Advocates or Guardian programs throughout the United States could benefit.
  2. The national attention or focus could result in enhanced awareness of Guardian Ad Litem programs and the needs of the organizations including funds for children and awareness of needs for all organizations around the country.

Although many local advocates groups exist throughout the country,the awareness of the organization and what they do is non-existent, and the need to bring into focus the needs of thousands of children throughout the country is evident.

If I may quote Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that does."

We the Berberich family and all the children at Guardian Ad Litem, would hope that we could one day receive the support of a national sponsor.

Our long term goal is to seek a national sponsor to be able to raise more money, get national attention, and expand the Advocates for Children Program to help enhance the lives of more children.

For more information contact:

Chuck or Judy Berberich
142 Hombre Circle
Panama City Beach, FL. 32407