April 28 - 29, 1996
The event produced more than good golf, as family and friends from twenty states converged on Panama City Beach. Many chose to stay in the area for a week or more, escaping cooler climes and basking in the Florida sunshine.

Chuck Sr.’s niece, Christine Berberich and her children, Megan and Forrest, came from Palmer, Alaska, and a grade school friend of Chuck’s Bob Reedy, visited from Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Tim Keller’s father-in-law, Wallace McArthur from Scotland, joined in the festivities.

The visitors had ample opportunity to socialize at a Friday evening pizza party hosted by Chuck and Judy at their home. One hundred nineteen (119) people and a very busy Pizza Hut deliveryman enjoyed the food, Budweiser, and soft drinks.

Saturday, Chuck and Judy had a get-together for the Berberich Family, and Judy and local Hombre friends fed 68 guests. The chicken cordon bleu and side dishes were outstanding.

Sunday’s festivities were caped by the steak dinner cooked on the lawn by the Hombre Staff.

Many noted how the conversations changed over the weekend. Friday evening was the time for renewing old acquaintances, swapping grade school, family, Sears and old war stories. The mood remained light and enthusiastic on Saturday morning as the tournament began.

Saturday’s shoot-out and Sunday’s round were much more serious as the golfer’s competitive natures began to show. People gathered in the clubhouse, checking the scoring and making plans for their picks in the pari-mutuel.

After Sunday’s round, the real “war” stories began. Awesome shots, magnificent putts, booming drives, and incomparable approach shots were the topics of discussion. Of course, some amusing stories surfaced also. For example, Chuck Petty told everyone that he contemplated playing barefoot when he couldn’t find his shoes, and one group admitted to using five Milligan’s trying to make a birdie on #8. (They settled for a Par). The Columbus boys from U.R.S. swore that they went to bed early both nights (?) and everyone would have scored better except for that putt that lipped out on number????(you supply the hole).

Lastly, the Sunday afternoon talk was of flights home, fond remembrances, and a lot of “see you next year,” as folks made their way back home.

Sunday, the 29th dawned bright and clear in Panama City Beach, Florida for the shotgun start to the second annual JEFF BERBERICH MEMORIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT. One hundred eight (108) golfers were vying for the title and the traveling glass trophies. The weather was perfect for both days, and some great golf was played, with outstanding shots and even more outstanding scores. Regrettably, no one scored a hole-in-one and, as a result, the golf cart and the Buick Riviera remained unclaimed.
The Berberich Family presented Anchorage Children’s Home with a check for the amount of $7500.00. 1996 Check for $7500
Everyone who participated was a winner, with the following teams claiming top spots (and some merchandise for their efforts).

Fourth place and gift certificates went to the team of:
Frank Hawk, Charles Bearden, Bill Brookman, and Bill Kirkland.

Third place and gift certificates went to:
Mike Berberich, Andy Heil, Joe Karl, and their secret weapon Mary Klunk.

Second place winners recieved gift certificates and sweaters:
Mary and Norm Crowley and Betty and Len Liford

First Place, the traveling trophies, and merchandise certificates, went to:
Chuck Sr., Chuck Jr., Pete, and Matt Berberich.

They blistered the course with a minus 14 or Saturday and a minus 13 on Sunday.
1996 Tournament Winners, Chuck Sr., Chuck Jr., Pete & Matt Berberich
Written by Tom Dean